The training program specforce alpha

Technique: need to sit almost vertically, pull the neck is under the chin. The movement actively participate shoulders. Do not help yourself the body, "falling" down and lower the bar far ahead. In the upper part of the amplitude maximum recommended extend upward.

Subtleties perform: to maximize load the muscles Specforce Alpha Review of the back (in the first place - the widest) nolimitly, pull the neck straight down, it is necessary to sit on the bench just under the neck. When the neck moves diagonally toward you, then take some of the load on the rear of the delta.

During the exercise is not round your back and shoulders, and do not strain the press, if differently does not work - then the weight for you is great and must be reduced. Begin the exercise with the details of the blades and then help pull the neck arms so that your elbows fell parallel to each other and straight down. Holding your breath during traction, you are helping to keep the body straightened, making the exercise safer.

The card of any athlete and one of the "show" muscles - the biceps is. How to build the biceps? This question asks himself, probably every aspiring bodybuilder. First, let's understand what the muscle is so and where it is.

Biceps - a biceps which is attached to the radial bone and the shoulder blade. On the basis of his second name "biceps", we can conclude that the biceps is divided into internal and external beam.

Exterior - enlarges the so-called peak of the biceps, and the inside - gives the thickness and the total weight.